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I have been researching several genealogical lines described in the Clutterbuck Book. As many of you know, one should treat this old book with a critically open mind. There are some entries whch are not correct, as further research may disclose. But, I've found the book very useful as a starting point for some lines. Using Family Tree Maker software, I transcribed all the entries in the Clutterbuck Book into the database, then bit by bit I have been confirming the data it holds and adding to it as new information came to my attention.

Over the past several years, I have received email from lots of Clutterbucks interested in finding out where they fit in. With enthusiasm, I have used all the resources at my disposal to fit what they know into the bigger picture and, with an exchange of recent data from several enquirers and the historical data collated from various sources, I have now expanded the database to some 5000 people related to Clutterbuck.

As a bonus, some enquiries have also come my way from people not related. Firstly, a couple had found a picture in a junk shop in the West country whilst they were holidaying. When they turned the frame over they found the couple in the picture were not only named on the reverse but also their family pedigree and descendants were listed in clear writing adhered to the reverse. Edmund Huntley Clutterbuck and Louisa Eliza Molz from a photograph taken on board the Carron Line Steamer S.S.Avon about 1903.

The finders were so curious at this discovery that they purchased the picture and after a little while decided that there must be someone who would be interested in owning it. Our paths crossed in their search and they asked if I would like the picture. I jumped at their offer and, even when I offered some recommpense or atleast the postage, they refused with a note that they simply wanted it to go to a good home. So I hung the picture on my wall, and have enjoyed looking at this "single item" collection.

Then, at the end of 2005, I was contacted by two separate parties neither of whom were directly connected with the Clutterbuck family but who had in their possessions items of interest to Clutterbuck historians. Mark had come by a copy of the infamous Clutterbuck Book. I had, of course, already downloaded a digital file copy courtesy of online. But to actually have my own print, well!

Better still, when it arrived it had notes in the margin that indicated it was at some time owned by the descendants of Henrietta Clutterbuck, who married the MP Archie Kirkman Lloyd. The picture opposite page 54 was of Edmund Henry Clutterbuck 1854-1924 and in the margin is written in pencil "my Mother’s Brother" on the preceeding page where Edmund is listed with his syblings is a mark against Henrietta and an addition to the date of their mother’s death to include the date "20th". To confirm my findings, the flyleaf of my newly acquired copy has written MA Loyd from HL Loyd, as Henrietta married Archie Loyd. I was happy the book had been in this family at some stage.

I mentioned I was approached by two parties, the second was from Little Rock in Arkansas, USA. A lady was in possession of a ring that had engraved on the inside beneath the stone "Lewis Clutterbuck died 3rd April 1861 aged 67 yrs". I was surprised and delighted to learn that its owner was keen to see it returned to a Clutterbuck, who might gain more from possessing it that she had done. By the time the ring arrived it had been in New York, California and Little Rock, but how the lady’s Uncle had it in his possessions was still a mystery.

The Lewis Clutterbuck it referred to was the son of Lewis Clutterbuck and Catherine Partidge from Ozelworth. In the foot notes on page 57 of the Clutterbuck Book, it reads "Entry in Ozelworth Parish Register says:- 'Lewis, son of Lewis and Catherine Clutterbuck was baptised the 15th day of February 1794, being born the 16th day of January at eight minutes after nine o clock, wh. We who were present do testify as to the time if the Child’s birth..' Sarah Partridge, David Taylor Saray Bayley."

The line of Lewis's were the rectors of the parish and Lewis referred to on the ring was born 16th January 1794 and as we know died 3rd April 1861. He and his wife Sarah Balfour had 7 children.

What was so peculiar was that both the Book and the ring actually arrived on the same day in the post and that Lewis Clutterbuck, whose name is memorialized in the ring, was related to—the second cousin twice removed—Henrietta Clutterbuck, the one time owner of my copy the Clutterbuck Book.

I consider myself very fortunate to have received these gifts, and I'm ever astounded by the generosity of strangers to whom the family of Clutterbuck will be eternally grateful.


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Lynn Brice said...

Dear Kirstin,
It is not by chance that these gifts come your way. It is due to your own generosity of time and effort, in making yourself available to assist us stray Clutterbuck's, that you find yourself in a position to receive them. Many people in my Lancashire disconnected line will benefit from the family history searches you did for us in 2006. We are finding each other as a result of your notes via Genforum. I so much appreciate your help and I wish you many more Clutterbuck treasures. You deserve them. Lynn Brice, NZ.

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Kirstin said...

Liz, I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, you are very kind with your words. the truth is I just love the feeling that others could experience the same as I did when I started making my connections.


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